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Covid-19 Does Not Affect Ovarian Reserve, IVIRMA Finds
Covid infection does not affect a woman’s egg pool, a study conducted by IVIRMA researchers in Spain recently found. In May and June 2020, researchers at IVI Madrid measured Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) levels in 46 infertility patients who had recovered from Covid to see whether the virus had compromised their ovarian reserve. Ovarian reserve, or the amount of eggs a woman has in her ovaries, is best measured by her levels of AMH, a hormone expressed by tiny cells growing on her egg-containing follicles. The study participants were split into two groups: one group of older women, averaging 38 years old, and
What Is SET and How Does It Impact Success Rates?
This blog is part of Fertility FAQ, a series where RMA doctors answer your most pressing questions about treatment.  Today’s physician expert is Dr. Allison Lange, who practices out of RMA Philadelphia. Single Embryo Transfer (SET) is, hands down, the fertility industry’s biggest achievement since the advent of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) over 40 years ago. But what is it, and how does it work? How does Single Embryo Transfer work? SET is exactly what it sounds like – it is the transfer of a single embryo (not two or more) into a woman’s uterus during IVF. You might think it’s obvious that doctors would only
We Are LGBTQ – How Can We Build Our Family?
This blog is part of Fertility FAQ, a series in which RMA doctors answer your most pressing questions about treatment. Today’s physician expert is Dr. Jackie Gutmann, who practices out of RMA Philadelphia. All my patients come to me needing the same thing: biology has created obstacles to family building, and I help them overcome these obstacles. Whether the patients are cis heterosexuals, gay, lesbian, or gender non-conforming, fertile or infertile, they need help getting pregnant. Usually, LGBTQ patients need help building their families because one or more pieces of their fertility puzzle are missing. The required pieces include eggs, sperm, a uterus,
Moving from Your OBGYN to a Fertility Specialist – A Complete Guide
RMA Philadelphia and  Jefferson Health’s clinical partnership provides a unique combination of resources to serve our patients in Center City. The patient-focused, world-class fertility care of RMA, coupled with a team of nationally recognized academic OB/GYN physicians, will now be available to those seeking fertility care throughout Philadelphia. When starting your fertility journey the first conversation you may have is with your gynecologist. Finding the right OB/GYN can be like finding the right hairstylist: you want someone you feel comfortable talking with, who you make appointments to see regularly, and who you can trust to handle a very intimate part of
Why You Should Consider Telling Your Boss You’re Undergoing IVF
We get it. Infertility is a vulnerable topic to discuss with friends and family, let alone your coworkers and employer. And it can be an isolating process to undergo even with a strong support system, but how do you juggle all the appointments and treatments and follow-ups and phone calls that are part of the process of IVF if you have a 9-5 with an hour for lunch? A recent Wall Street Journal article , Fertility Treatments Are Now Company Business , highlighted a growing movement of patients struggling with infertility opening up about their treatment with their employers. Dr. Jackie
Everything You Need to Know about Fertility Tests
It is best to seek the assistance of a fertility specialist if you are younger than 35 and haven't been successful in achieving a pregnancy in 12 months. For couples older than 35, it is recommended after trying for 6 months. We know that coming into a fertility clinic for testing can be stressful when you don't know what to expect. To help, our fertility specialists have put together a blog outlining everything you need to know. We’ll introduce you to the different types of infertility tests and prepare you with a general idea of what constitutes a positive or negative
Dr. Arthur Castelbaum Named Director of the Division of REI at Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health
Dr. Arthur Castelbaum of RMA Philadelphia joins leadership developing best practice protocols for diagnosing and treating infertile couples Basking Ridge, NJ – Hopeful parents in the greater Philadelphia area will now benefit from Dr. Arthur Castelbaum being named the Director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health. This announcement comes less than a year after RMA Philadelphia and Jefferson Health expanded on their pre-existing clinical relationship centered in RMA's Center City Philadelphia office to extend across Jefferson Health. “I am honored to be named Director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Abington

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