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Covid-19 Does Not Affect Ovarian Reserve, IVIRMA Finds
Covid infection does not affect a woman’s egg pool, a study conducted by IVIRMA researchers in Spain recently found. In May and June 2020, researchers at IVI Madrid measured Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) levels in 46 infertility patients who had recovered from Covid to see whether the virus had compromised their ovarian reserve. Ovarian reserve, or the amount of eggs a woman has in her ovaries, is best measured by her levels of AMH, a hormone expressed by tiny cells growing on her egg-containing follicles. The study participants were split into two groups: one group of older women, averaging 38 years old, and
How Important Is It to Be Treated at a Fertility Center That Conducts Research?
This blog is part of Fertility FAQ, a series where RMA doctors answer your most pressing questions about treatment. Today’s physician expert is Dr. George Patounakis, who practices out of RMA Florida in Lake Mary, Florida. How did the fertility field evolve to where it is today? How did we discover that some embryos mature slower than others or that they develop under very specific oxygen levels? Why is the uterus only receptive to an embryo for about 24 hours each cycle? How did we figure out that abnormal embryos do not lead to healthy pregnancies? Who would have imagined that an embryo
Everything You Need to Know about Fertility Tests
It is best to seek the assistance of a fertility specialist if you are younger than 35 and haven't been successful in achieving a pregnancy in 12 months. For couples older than 35, it is recommended after trying for 6 months. We know that coming into a fertility clinic for testing can be stressful when you don't know what to expect. To help, our fertility specialists have put together a blog outlining everything you need to know. We’ll introduce you to the different types of infertility tests and prepare you with a general idea of what constitutes a positive or negative
How Much Does IVF Cost in Florida?
If you’re considering IVF in Florida, you’ve probably noticed that costs vary – considerably – depending on which practice you look at. The other thing you may have noticed is that IVF doesn’t cost just one price – there are several options you can opt for. Well, you’re right: IVF costs are not cut and dry, and they are not consistent across clinics. So how do you make a decision about which clinic is right for you? Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida (RMA-FL) has put together a guide to help you navigate costs so you are better prepared to begin your infertility
Egg Donation in Orlando: Learn Your Options
If you are between the age of 21 and 32 and living in or around Orlando, Florida you can help a woman who has egg quality issues complete her family. Recipients are generally older women who have diminished ovarian reserve and have not been able to conceive using their own eggs. As a prospective donor or recipient, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. Here are some common ones:   Why does egg donation exist? With egg donation, women who cannot have children using their own eggs are able to have children. While the baby is not genetically linked to them, the

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