Ask the Lawyer: Piecing Together Infertility Rights in the Workplace

Infertility impacts all areas of life – a person or couple suffering from infertility may struggle physically, emotionally, and financially in order to have a child. There is currently no employment legislation in place specifically related to infertility; however, there are multiple laws that may provide infertile employee time-off for infertility treatment as well as...

Ask the Lawyer: Why is Correcting the Birth Certificate Important?

A birth certificate is used for travel, passport, proof of citizenship, social security, driver’s license, school registration, personal identification, entitlement to death benefits, child support, health insurance, student registration, conduct financial transactions for a minor child, verifying child entitlement to parent’s pension or other retirement benefits, eligibility as beneficiary of parent’s estate to name a...

Ask the Lawyer: Legal Agreements When Using Donor Egg

Question: I am unable to use my own eggs for IVF. My friend is going to donate her eggs to me so my husband and I will be able to have a child. What kind of legal agreements do we need before we proceed? Answer: Your generous friend will be considered a known donor. A...

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At half-past eight the door opened, the policeman appeared, and, requesting them to follow him, led the way to an adjoining hall.