Dr. Shefali Shastri Separates Fertility Fact from Fiction on Brides.com

fertility facts and myths brides.comFish or no fish? Gluten-free or carb-heavy? Prenatal vitamins or just a healthy diet? There are so many fertility-related pieces of advice floating around it can make pregnancy stressful before it begins. While the sheer amount of available information is conflicting and overwhelming, there is hope – in facts. Some common beliefs about fertility are true, while others simply are not.

RMANJ Dr. Shefali Shastri recently addressed a number of myths and misconceptions related to fertility in a Brides.com article. “It is a complete myth that having too much sex will decrease your chance of conception,” Dr. Shastri, a reproductive endocrinologist who leads the practice in Springfield, New Jersey, told Brides. “In fact, your chance of conception actually increases with more frequent intercourse.”

To finally separate fertility facts from fiction, read the entire Brides.com story with Dr. Shastri.

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