Advances in reproductive medicine like egg freezing have given women of this generation a remarkable opportunity to preserve their fertility. With the ability to freeze eggs, women are able to extend their peak fertility and place family-building on hold until they’re ready to have children.

With more women pursuing their education and careers, coupled with the difficulty of finding the right partner at just the right time, childbearing is often placed on the back burner until a woman reaches her mid-to-late-thirties. You may have heard that by this time in a woman’s life, the quality and quantity of her eggs have declined, affecting the likelihood of pregnancy. But with egg freezing, women can literally freeze their eggs in time and come back to use them via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) in the future.

As a fertility specialist at RMA of Southern California in West Los Angeles, I’m fortunate to assist women every day who want to preserve their fertility for future family planning. With the right information, counseling, and education, patients can make informed decisions about their reproductive health and better plan for their futures.

On May 30th, I will be leading a free seminar for women and couples who are interested in learning more about a woman’s biological clock and the process of egg freezing. Everyone who attends will receive a certificate towards a free one-on-one consultation with either myself or Dr. Tom Kim here at RMA.

Our goal is that you will leave this seminar feeling empowered to take control of your own fertility and make informed choices about what’s right for you.

I look forward to seeing you there!

–Kay Green, MD


To RSVP to the free seminar, please email [email protected]