Another Year of Inclusion Excellence! Human Rights Campaign Top Performer

RMA is thrilled to announce our continued commitment to inclusion with the Human Rights Campaign’s Healthcare Equality Index.

Over 900 healthcare facilities nationwide vie for a top score on the Human Rights Campaign‘s Healthcare Equality Index every two years. The Index is a rigorous matrix of requirements that healthcare organizations are measured against; facilities are given a score between 5 and 100 based on their LGBTQ inclusion efforts.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation developed the Healthcare Equality Index to meet a deep and urgent need on the part of LGBTQ Americans: the need for equitable, knowledgeable, sensitive, and welcoming health care… free from discrimination. RMA agrees that no one facing health concerns should also have to worry about receiving inequitable or substandard care because of their LGBTQ status.

While the HEI is considered the Gold Standard for inclusion, only a handful of fertility centers are included each year. The recently released scores show that RMA is in the top 27% of all Index participants, achieving the coveted title of “LGBTQ+ Healthcare Equality Top Performer.”

To achieve a Top Performer score, IVI-RMA had to demonstrate the implementation of the following policies or programs:

  • Robust and visible non-discrimination policy protecting patients and employees based on sexual orientation AND gender identity
  • Training programs are offered to all incoming and current staff, providing the information and skills they need to provide culturally competent care and services to their LGBTQ patients
  • The existence of an internal planning or advisory committee focused on LGBTQ patient care issues
  • The existence of an official plan for reducing health disparities that specifically includes LGBTQ patients in addition to race, ethnicity, and linguistic concerns
  • A process for informing interested patients of LGBTQ-knowledgeable and friendly providers
  • Policies that specifically outline procedures and practices aimed at eliminating bias and insensitivity, and ensuring appropriate, welcoming interactions with transgender patients
  • Fully LGBTQ inclusive employee benefits packages, offering inclusive benefits, from healthcare coverage to retirement investments to paid leave

RMA has long been a leader in fertility, assisting the full spectrum of LGBTQ community members. We are proud and honored to have received our Top Performer score on HRC’s 2022 Healthcare Equality Index, and we congratulate our fellow healthcare providers who participated in this year’s index.

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