Sometimes, it really is the little things. Take music, for example: just a few seconds of your favorite tune can transport you to another place, put you at ease and change your perspective in a positive way. At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California (RMANorCal) we care about the little things, and we value personalized care. That’s why every patient who comes to RMANorCal – headquartered in San Francisco with a satellite office in Palo Alto – can expect to hear their favorite song playing during your egg retrieval.

Sound good?

Our two founding physicians, Dr. Jonathan Kort and Dr. Scott Morin, started RMANorCal last fall with a vision to provide the best, most advanced fertility services while treating every patient with respect, compassion, hospitality and five star service. And around here, that means getting to know our patients like they’re family. We want you to be comfortable when you’re getting treatment, and we’re hoping Mariah Carey, U2, Michael Jackson or Arcade Fire will help.

Whether you’re single and want to freeze your eggs, having trouble getting pregnant with your partner, or looking to pair your eggs with donor sperm, you’ll need to undergo an egg retrieval. The process is relatively straightforward: you’ll take injectable medications to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs at once and then come to our office for an egg retrieval procedure to have those eggs removed and stored safely for later use.

The egg retrieval procedure is relatively simple and fast. But we realize that while it’s a common occurrence for us in our lab, this is a new and often stressful experience for our patients who may be nervous about what to expect and anxious about their chances of success. All fertility treatment is stressful, and we know patients have already gone through a lot before they walk in our door. So when they are in treatment, we want to create a familiar, calming environment patients can trust.

Enter: music. When you come in for your first appointment, Dr. Kort and Dr. Morin, along with our nurses, will go out of their way to get to know you – medically and personally. We’ll want to know what makes you unique and that includes your taste in music. That way, when it’s time for your egg retrieval procedure, you’ll hear your favorite song playing in the doctor’s office, welcoming you in.

Because at RMANorCal, personalized care is music to your ears.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California is a leading fertility center focused on science, success and support. If you or your partner are struggling with infertility, book a consultation to meet with Dr. Kort or Dr. Morin today by calling (415) 603-6999.

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