On Tuesday, December 11, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Florida (RMA-FL) celebrated its first anniversary providing fertility care to the Florida community.

So how did RMA-FL founding physician Dr. George Patounakis mark the occasion? Well, there was cake, cookies, balloons, hugs and…a MAD LIBS questionnaire.

Here’s what Dr. Patounakis had to say as the practice turned one.

  • As RMA-FL celebrates its first anniversary, the thing I’m most grateful for is the number of patients we were able to help grow their family.
  • The thing I love most about my patients is their determination to do whatever it takes to grow their family. 
  • It never ceases to amaze me how many great questions patients ask as I teach them during their initial visit.
  • My staff is the best because they genuinely care about our patients as if they are their family.
  • The biggest misconception about fertility is that relaxation will lead to pregnancy.
  • Next year, I hope RMA-FL will help grow many more families.  
  • I’m so proud of my staff for doing this all year long: putting the patients’ needs first.
  • One of the best memories from the year has been our first positive pregnancy test.
  • When patients say they feel  cared for at RMA-FL, I think they mean they don’t feel like just a “number.”
  • A new thing patients can expect next year is to see new staff members in the office.
  • The thing I never tire of is hearing from patients throughout their pregnancy journey after they “graduate” from our care.
  • The one principle RMA-FL will never abandon is its commitment to compassionate patient-centered care.

To make an appointment with Dr. Patounakis, call 407-804-9670.