As the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to eliminate access to fertility treatments, RMA Network remains dedicated to helping patients exercise their right to choose a family.

The largest reproductive medicine group will continue to provide the full range of fertility services to all patients

BASKING RIDGE, New Jersey, April 16, 2020 – RMA Network, part of IVIRMA Global, the world’s leading reproductive medicine group, has announced that its clinics will remain fully operational through the COVID-19 pandemic. Its US clinics will continue to offer all fertility treatments, including in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI), to all patients who seek them.

“We here at RMA Network remain completely committed to serving the needs of our patient population. We know that time is a luxury many of our patients do not have when it comes to their family-building efforts,” states Dr. Richard Scott, Founding Partner of the RMA Network and CEO of IVIRMA Global. “We have no intention of closing, and plan to “hold the line” for all who wish to engage in immediate treatment.”

This announcement comes in the wake of recommendations to close or limit fertility treatments and as other clinics shut their doors as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, for many women undergoing fertility treatment, their window of opportunity is measured by months or even weeks. Asking those patients to wait can irrevocably damage their chances of conception.

RMA’s decision to remain open was made after careful consideration as well as the information gathered from clinics in Italy and Spain, which experienced the effects of COVID-19 pandemic earlier in the year. Furthermore, the CDC has published that mother-to-child transmission of coronavirus during pregnancy is unlikely, as the virus has not been detected in amniotic fluid, breastmilk, or other maternal samples.

As a result, RMA has taken decisive action to ensure clinics can continue to provide the essential medical treatments women require to conceive their babies, while simultaneously safeguarding the health and wellbeing of patients and staff, further mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

As it becomes clearer that this new reality will continue to define daily life for an indefinite period, RMA is redefining what the new normal looks like. In addition to restructuring the flow of patients and maximizing the use of office space to ensure adequate social distancing precautions are taken, RMA has supplied all staff with the PPE necessary to work safely and confidently and to ensure that resources are not taken from hospitals.

“RMA applauds the step taken by both New York and New Jersey, classifying fertility treatments among essential medical services, because the widow of opportunity many patients have to become pregnant is finite,” explains Dr. Scott. “Postponing treatments and gambling with a patient’s ability to successfully build their family is not the answer.”

“I am so relieved RMA has made it possible for me to continue during this very trying time. Everyone has been so positive, and it has made me approach what would otherwise have been a very anxiety-inducing situation very confidently. I can’t express enough how appreciative I am to everyone there.” – Elizabeth, RMA patient

RMA will proudly and responsibly continue to serve its patients through the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Scott is available to answer any questions or provide any clarifications you may need.


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