As recently seen on the CBS Evening News, CNN and in the Washington Post, thousands of individuals across our nation have unfairly seen their fertility treatments canceled, and placed on indefinite hold as a result of abrupt IVF program closures. Despite the fact that both NJ and NY have specifically indicated that fertility therapies fall under the rights and protections of “family planning”, the vast majority of IVF centers across the tri-state area have chosen to refuse treatment to their patients for an indefinite future, with no plans to resume initiation of treatment cycles any time soon.

We here at RMANJ remain completely committed to serving the needs of our patient population and feel strongly that time is a luxury that many of our patients do not have when it comes to their family-building efforts.


We have no intention of closing, and we plan to “hold the line” for all who wish to engage in immediate treatment. 


If you share this sentiment and feel that other patients (like yourself) would wish to continue their family-building journey despite our current COVID-19 situation, we ask that you please spread the word to your friends, acquaintances, and neighbors currently being held back from their pursuit of treatment elsewhere. They are all welcome here at RMANJ. We are here to serve any and all patients who feel that this arbitrary derailment of their planned treatments, hopes and dreams is unjustified and unfair.

Thank you for your continued faith in RMANJ, and for sharing our commitment to offering the best fertility care, to all who might need our help, through these uncertain times.