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30 of the Best Responses to “When are you going to have kids?”
We’ve all had the moment where someone asks the question, “When are you going to have kids?” Depending on the person and the day, we may feel anger, frustration, sadness, or uncertainty. Whether the question is expected or it comes as a complete surprise, it’s helpful to think ahead about how we might respond. If you have a partner, it’s also important that you present a united front and are on the same page with what you share and with whom. Remember, you are in the driver’s seat and you can choose not to respond at all. For those times when
10 Tips to Help You Stop Obsessing About Becoming Pregnant
For sure, it seems nearly impossible to stop obsessing about pregnancy while dealing with infertility. Babies are all around you. You spend countless hours in the doctor’s office checking this, assessing that – all in the hopes of having the sperm meet the egg. Here are some ideas for how to get pregnancy off your mind, or at least deal with it in a more healthy way. 1. Make a list of the positives. Literally, write down everything that you are grateful for. If you can stretch yourself, also write down the things you are able to do now without the added
Dealing with Infertility During the Holidays
Dealing with infertility can be rough, especially during the holidays. Infertility is an extremely personal experience and emotions can run high when discussing it with others who have not had a similar experience. While most people want to be supportive and are truly well-intentioned, they may not know exactly how to help. When you're struggling with infertility you need all the support you can get, even though it may feel like work to express yourself and tell the people around you exactly what you need. Thankfully, we reached out to our FertiliTalk support network which is made up of over 1,000 members
Saying good-bye to your fertility doctor
The doctor-patient relationship is unique when treating infertility. There’s an intense period of diagnostic tests, counseling, frequent visits for blood work, ultrasounds, procedures – and then it’s over. Most of the time it ends on a happy note with couples being shepherded happily pregnant to an OB/GYN who can manage the rest of the pregnancy and delivery. We eventually get an update – maybe an excited phone call from the hospital, a birth announcement or holiday card, sometimes even an impromptu visit to the office with a newborn. Sometimes we find out what happened when we collect the data we must
Will You Tell Family & Friends You Used Egg or Sperm Donation
Telling your family and friends that you are infertile and going through the roller coaster of IVF may not be a walk in the park, but most people are fairly open with their infertility struggles. When they move to egg or sperm donation, however, many people become a lot more private and may not even be clear why. Creating a Family examined these reasons, talked about the pros and cons of telling your family about using third party reproduction, and gave suggestions for overcoming their resistance on yesterday’s show.* Why Not Tell When asked, most people who are hesitant to tell their family

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