Allison’s Fertility Story

Allison’s Fertility Story

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For Allison Holzman, an ambitious young lawyer, life has always been about balance – she wanted a career and a family. When, in her mid-30s, she still hadn’t found the right partner, she decided she didn’t need to wait anymore – she would be a single mother by choice, and have children with the help of fertility doctors.

But it wasn’t that simple, and after several rounds of IUI, or Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), at one clinic didn’t work, she thought she’d get a second opinion at RMA.

That’s when she met Dr. Drews, whom she trusted immediately, and began IVF using donor sperm. When that, too, didn’t work, Allison decided to make embryos with a known egg donor, and carry the pregnancy herself. It worked.

Her positive pregnancy test turned into a healthy baby boy, and soon after, Allison came back to have her second boy. Today, Allison is a shining example of dreams coming true. Watch Allison’s story now.

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