Annika’s Fertility Story

Annika’s Fertility Story

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After Annika Levitt and her husband had trouble starting their family in their early 30s, Annika decided to seek help first from several OBs, and finally, RMA. Annika and her husband were diagnosed with unexplained infertility, and encouraged by her physician, Dr. Paul Bergh, to pursue IVF.

But before starting treatment, RMA suggested Annika and her husband get tested for an array of single-gene disorders just in case they shared the same one, and the couple’s resulting embryos could be tested for that disorder. It turned out the couple was at risk for a rare genetic disorder, and the embryos they created from their IVF cycle were screened for both that disorder and any chromosomal abnormalities.

Those tests showed the couple had at least 2 normal embryos, a girl and a boy. Annika transferred each embryo, separately, and is now a happy mother of two. Watch Annika’s story now.

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