Dr. Drews & Chelsea – Story of Hope

Dr. Drews & Chelsea – Story of Hope


At RMA, we never give up on our patients, and we spread hope wherever we can. Why? Not only because we believe in miracles, but because we understand nature and science – and how the two more often than not conspire together to help hopeful parents achieve their dreams of parenthood.

In this video, you meet Dr. Mike Drews, one of RMA’s founding partners, and one of his patients, Chelsea Wright. Both are inherent optimists, believers and messengers of hope. Since she was a little girl, all Chelsea ever wanted was to become a mother.

When she found Mr. Right in her late 20s, they started trying, but were met with several miscarriages. After seeking help at various fertility clinics, Chelsea learned she had Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR), also known as early menopause – her eggs were aging more rapidly than they should at her age.

But when told she had a 1% chance of having her own biological child with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Chelsea saw hope instead of hopelessness – “so I have a chance?” she remembers thinking. After being told by others the odds were against her, Chelsea made an appointment with Dr. Drews at RMA, who saw hope.

They embarked on an IVF journey together, and after several cycles, Chelsea is now a biological mother of 3 – two boys and one girl. Watch her reunion with the doctor who never gave up on her.

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