RMANJ Dr. Maria Costantini-Ferrando was busy last week sharing coping strategies around Mother’s Day.

First, she spoke to US News and World Report about the difficulties women struggling with infertility face around Mother’s Day.

Then, she wrote a blog about it for RMANJ patients, followers and supporters.

And last Friday, her advice was included in a front page story on the topic in Metro US, a daily newspaper most New Yorkers start their day with.

Why was her message so well received? For women struggling with infertility, the constant reminders about Mother’s Day are a source of complex emotion, from pain, to fear, to sadness, to jealousy and even confusion.

No matter the emotion, Dr. Costantini’s message resonates with every woman dealing with infertility or child loss: honor your feelings, do what feels right to you and practice self-love and self-compassion.

So now that Mother’s Day is over, take these coping strategies and use them in your everyday life.