CareShare IVF Refund Program


Looking for a guarantee? Say hello to CareShare, our IVF Refund Program. CareShare is designed to reduce the financial stress and worry that many infertility patients face.

Our CareShare program includes up to 6 IVF cycles for a single package price. If a live birth is not achieved, you will receive a 100% refund of your program fee.

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What's Included in CareShare?

Cost of CareShare vs. A Single Cycle of IVF

CareShare costs more than one cycle of IVF, but ends up paying for itself – sometimes twice or three times – if you need more than one cycle to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby. With CareShare, you get six cycles for less than the cost of two, and if you are not successful, you get all your money back. That’s the power of CareShare.

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Inclusion Guidelines

First, talk with your primary RMA physician. Your doctor will work with you to help determine your eligibility based on clinical and other criteria. Unlike other financial programs, the CareShare refund program has generous patient inclusion criteria, including:

  • FSH ≤12
  • AMH ≥1.0 ng/mL
  • Normal uterine cavity and lining
  • No more than one previously failed IVF cycle
  • Be able to complete six cycles prior to turning 41 years of age

*Inclusion guidelines may vary by practice and physician

Additional Details

Once you’re enrolled in the CareShare (IVF Refund Program), you will be required to waive insurance coverage for any service(s) provided as part of the CareShare package.

But there’s good news. Prior to enrollment in the program, you may be able to use the fertility benefit and coverage your insurance carrier provides. This may include an initial consultation with your physician, infertility workup, and medication. You should check with your insurance carrier to determine whether your health insurance plan covers IVF treatment.

CareShare may not be offered at every RMA practice. Please speak with your provider at your local office to see if they offer the CareShare Program.

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