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Patient Testimonials

The best assessments come from our patients. Why take it from us when you can hear what past patients have to say about their experiences with RMA.

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Darryl & Kimberly

RMA New Jersey Patient


It was the summer of 2009 and love was in the New Jersey air. Kimberly and Darryl met, married and started trying for a family. But after about a year without success, they knew something wasn’t right. Since Darryl had cancer as a child, the couple figured the treatment may have affected his fertility, and they were right. So they went to RMA New Jersey and Dr. Kathleen Hong, who guided the couple through a sperm extraction and an egg retrieval. On the day of transfer, Kimberly had one last question for Dr. Hong: could she go bowling? The answer was yes, and days later, the test was positive. “I love RMA and I love Dr. Hong,” Kimberly says. “I mean she gave me my son, she gave me my life, and that is something I can never repay her for.”

Aimee & Family

RMA Philadelphia Patient


For Aimee and her husband, who pursued IVF with Dr. Martin Freedman at RMA Philadelphia, choosing to start their family with donor eggs was not an easy one. Confronted with three mosaic embryos after undergoing several cycles with Aimee’s eggs, the couple almost laughed Dr. Freedman out of the room when he suggested they go the donor route. But Dr. Freedman, who had earned the couple’s trust, explained that most mosaic embryos will fail to implant or lead to an ongoing pregnancy, so the couple was better off with donor eggs. “And we had a complete 180,” Aimee says. They pursued donor eggs, and now, Aimee is a mother to a one-and-a-half-year-old son. Pursuing donor eggs was “the best decision we ever could have made,” she says.

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Jena & Family

RMA Lehigh Valley Patient


Jena knew that starting a family would not be easy with her PCOS diagnosis, but she also knew it wasn’t going to be impossible. She came to Dr. Ndeye-Aicha Gueye at RMA Lehigh Valley with the dream of having a big family, and Dr. Gueye delivered. Jena initially struggled with her progesterone levels, and suffered a first-trimester loss. But after a change in protocol, she successfully carried twin boys to term. Then she came back for another transfer, also a boy, and is currently awaiting the arrival of her fourth IVF baby, a girl. “Dr. Gueye has a way of just making you feel like this is woman to woman,” Jena says. “She’s able to somehow take that humility that you’re not feeling at that moment and give it back to you just by having a conversation. That really makes a difference – because it’s an amazing journey. I would never want to do it any other way.”

Lacey & Reed

RMA Florida Patient


Orlando couple Lacey and Reed were young and healthy, so why were they still not pregnant after six months of trying? It turned out Lacey had a severe form of PCOS and was told she wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally. The couple came to RMA Florida and put their hopes into Dr. George Patounakis. “He sat us down and explained everything,” Lacey says. “He made us feel confident that we are going to have a baby like this is going to be real.” And it was – baby Luke is proof. “You forget quickly all the struggle that you went through once he starts giggling and laughing,” Lacey says. “It’s just fun sitting on the couch, all three of us, or laying in bed on Saturday morning. These are all the moments I always dreamed of having, and now they’re true.”

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RMA Philadelphia Patient


When Smitha, a registered nurse, sat across the table from RMA Philadelphia Dr. Martin Freedman, he delivered a message of hope: “I don’t know if you’ll get pregnant the first time, or the second time, but we will try this – never discourage yourself.” For Smitha, who had heard for many years she may have trouble conceiving, it was a ray of sunshine. All was not lost. Her first cycle resulted in one healthy embryo, and it stuck – and Olivia, now a toddler, is the result. “I thought Olivia should not be an only child,” Smitha says, “so I said to my husband, why don’t we do another round.” Smitha, who just turned 40, said hearing from Dr. Freedman she was pregnant again was the best birthday gift. “Dr. Freedman is the best thing that could have happened to my life.”


RMA New Jersey Patient


Giovanna, a New York teacher, always wanted to be a mom. And it’s fair to say quite literally nothing would stop her. Not the tumor doctors found on her left ovary that led to the removal of that ovary and the accompanying fallopian tube. Not the 16-week loss she experienced with the baby she conceived naturally with a past partner, and not the fact that she was single by the time she was ready to try and start a family again. “When things were getting crazy and I was lost and not sure why certain things didn’t work out,” she says, “Dr. Rybak called me himself. What an amazing man, I owe him so much.” Together, they decided Giovanna would undergo another cycle and try again. The decision paid off – today Giovanna is the beaming mother of two little boys.

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Lynzi & Declan

RMA Lehigh Valley Patient


After Lynzi and her husband had their first son naturally, they figured the second would come just as easy. But the road was devastating. Lynzi suffered a miscarriage, then an ectopic pregnancy, and fell into a depression. By the time she made it to RMA Lehigh Valley and met with Dr. Ndeye Aicha Gueye, she was ready to breathe a sigh of relief. And she did. “From my first appointment when I met with Dr. Gueye,” Lynzi says, “I felt she knew me, that she knew that I needed.” The two decided on pursuing IVF. “I gave my power to RMA and they did everything for me, and they did it perfectly.” Lynzi and her husband made many embryos, and transferred one boy – he is baby Declan, the love of Lynzi’s life.

Jen, Gaby, Eitan & Ezra

RMA New Jersey Patient


Jen was almost 36 when she met the love of her life. Right after the two married, they began trying for a family – and within two months, Jen was pregnant. But the happiness was short-lived; Jen would suffer an ectopic pregnancy. After pursuing fertility treatments at several clinics, she would experience a series of pregnancy losses that left her defeated. Still, Jen and her husband decided to press on, but this time with RMA New Jersey’s Dr. Eli Rybak, who could carry out treatment in line with the Jewish faith, which was important to Jen and her husband. After discovering several conditions that had gone unnoticed by previous doctors, Dr. Rybak suggested the couple undergo another IVF cycle. And now, Jen is the mother of two beautiful boys – and considering a third child.

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Sarah & Jason

RMA Florida Patient


Sarah and Jason got married in 2011 and decided to begin working on growing their family a few years later. After experiencing difficulties conceiving, she sought the help of a reproductive endocrinologist. After meeting with her physician and getting diagnostic testing done she was diagnosed with endometriosis. An endometrial laparoscopy was later performed to correct the issue and she soon became pregnant with her daughter Mia. A few years later when trying to conceive her second child, she experienced infertility once again. It was soon after this that she met Dr. Patounakis at RMA Florida in Lake Mary.

Rebecca & Warren

RMA Northern California Patient


Rebecca and Warren met with a fertility specialist at a different clinic where they did not feel at home. After sharing their experience with family and friends they learned that a few of them had gone to RMA and had completely opposite experiences. They decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel Kaser of RMA Northern California and instantly felt a connection with him. Rebecca’s IVF cycle went even better than she expected with all 8 of her embryos making it to day 5 blastocyst. “I’m so glad we tried so hard because if I couldn’t have become a mother, I think my life would have been different and full in other ways, but this is just such a gift and so it’s like the universe just aligned in a certain way and we had to push a little bit harder, but we are reaping the benefits of it,” Rebecca says.

Lynzi (1)
Lynzi (2)

Steph & Tony

RMA Northern California Patient


Steph and Tony got married in May and by the following February, they officially started trying to start a family. In October they got pregnant, but unfortunately, it ended in a miscarriage. When trying to figure out the next steps, Steph found RMA Northern California online and decided to give them a call based on the rave reviews she was reading online. They scheduled their appointment with Dr. Scott Morin and to their relief everything they read online turned out to be true. After a couple of treatment cycles, they found out that they were pregnant on Tony’s birthday. “It was a really, really long time to wait for that news. You know, it was so challenging emotionally and physically going through the process, but then as soon as you hear this news that you’re pregnant, I would do it all over again,” said Steph.

Ari & Daniel

RMA Northern California Patient


In 2018 Ari and Daniel began their family-building journey. It turns out, getting pregnant was the easy part; the challenge was staying pregnant. After three miscarriages, they decided to seek the assistance of a fertility specialist. After meeting with Dr. Scott Morin at RMA Northern California, they knew instantly that this was the practice for them. Dr. Morin and his team quickly felt like family, and everyone worked hard to achieve the shared goal of maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Shortly after their first transfer, Teddy was welcomed into the world, and life has never been better for Ari and Daniel.

Lynzi (3)
Lynzi (4)


RMA Southern California Patient


Katya emigrated to the US when she was 22 years old after growing up in Russia all her life. After making the big move, focusing on her education and career, Katya and her husband decided to expand their family. They ran into a roadblock when her husband was diagnosed with male infertility. As someone as ambitious as Katya, she did not let that stop her from achieving her dreams. After extensive research and appointments at 4 different fertility clinics, she landed on Dr. Thomas Kim at RMA New Jersey. Her first child was born from an embryo transfer shortly after. Dr. Kim eventually moved to Los Angeles to open RMA Southern California. Five years later when Katya was ready for baby number two, she flew out to Los Angeles to meet him once again. Baby Marie was welcomed into this world not long after.

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