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Leaders in Fertility Research

Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) has been a pioneer in fertility science since its inception in 1999, with an unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes.

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Research & Innovation

Founded by a trio of doctors – Dr. Paul Bergh, Dr. Richard Scott and Dr. Michael Drews – who wanted the freedom to conduct vital research that could improve patient outcomes and success, RMA has evolved to become one of the most trusted authorities on all aspects of infertility, including research, education and patient care. This unparalleled emphasis on research and innovation has made possible quantum leap advancements in the practice of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) that have given rise to a new standard of care for the industry and a new benchmark of success for patients.

Raising the Bar

Today, due to advancements encouraging Single Embryo Transfer (SET), IVF with RMA means a drastic reduction in multiple births resulting in a lower risk for mothers and babies. RMA’s singleton babies are now born with the same weight and term delivery rates as those conceived naturally.

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Improving Outcomes

How has RMA reduced the burden of care so quickly? By investing tens of millions of dollars into studying one question: how can IVF lead to one healthy baby?

The answer required getting several steps exactly right, and each clinical trial done at RMA inched doctors closer to finding the answer. Still, everyday doctors at RMA are working to further advance the field, finding answers to new questions that can improve outcomes and help couples complete their families safely and in the shortest time possible.

With a state-of-the-art laboratory, embryologists, scientists, and doctors as passionate as they are skilled, and a tireless focus on discovery, RMA is a worldwide leader in turning ideas into science, science into success, and success into families.

Research Oriented

RMA’s research has spanned the field of assisted reproduction and sought to make new discoveries in the areas of diminished ovarian reserve, endometriosis, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), male fertility, egg freezing, embryo biopsy, and testing, mosaicism, the microbiome, fibroids, stem cell rejuvenation, extended embryo culture, and dozens of more topics.

RMA’s April 2017 merger with IVI, Europe’s biggest IVF provider, has only elevated the group’s scientific reach. Together, IVI-RMA Global is the single-biggest investor in IVF research in the world.

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Published Research

Since its founding in 1999, RMA has published hundreds of pieces of research – including more than a dozen clinical trials – in an effort to improve patient outcomes.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of published works. To learn about IVI-RMA Global’s research, visit our Innovation website at ivi-rmainnovation.com.

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