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Your First Visit

We're Focused on You

RMA is dedicated to providing world-class infertility care that is individualized for your unique family-building needs. We are dedicated to personalizing your plan of care so that you can achieve a healthy pregnancy in the least amount of time possible.


What to Expect at Your Fertility Consultation

We know your first visit can be overwhelming. Our goal is to make your initial fertility consultation as comfortable and convenient as possible. During your first visit, your physician will review your medical history, order diagnostic testing, and outline the next steps in your family-building journey.

Getting Started

It is important for our doctors to get a clear understanding of your medical history and family-building objectives. Some of the questions our doctors will ask you during your first visit include:

  • How long have you been trying to conceive?
  • Have you ever been pregnant before?
  • Have you received any kind of fertility treatments before, what were they, and what was the outcome?

Fertility Testing

During your initial fertility consult, we may recommend certain tests to better understand your fertility. Some of the most common tests include:

  • Blood work to test for infectious diseases, hormone levels, or genetic abnormalities
  • A complete physical exam including a vaginal ultrasound to give us a better understanding of your reproductive system
  • A hysterosalpingogram (HSG), a type of x-ray that may be used to reveal blockages in the fallopian tubes or other uterine abnormalities

What's Next?

Your doctor will go over specific fertility treatment plans in detail, although a follow-up fertility consultation may be required. You will also have the opportunity to talk with one of our financial coordinators to answer questions about insurance coverage, financing, and more. Your plan of care may involve the following treatment options:

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