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Research and education drive innovation;

innovation drives success.

IVIRMA Global is the world’s largest network of fertility clinics, leading the industry in research, success rates, and patient care. From clinical and laboratory excellence, to innovation, to teaching the next generation of reproductive endocrinologists, IVIRMA creates partnership opportunities that drive value and achieve collective professional and business goals.

RMA Partners

Within RMA, clinical, scientific, and business intelligence solutions drawn from vast arrays of data and experience are implemented to deliver the highest quality patient care in the most efficient manner possible. RMA solutions provide a fertility specific, fully integrated, customized, and secure suite of services. We continue to invest and expand on innovative technologies such as the Artemis Patient Portal, the most comprehensive portal for fertility care, only at RMA.

What we offer:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Benefits/Payroll
  • Business Planning/Strategy
  • Customized EMR*
  • Feasibility Analyses
  • IT Support
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Practice Management
  • Scheduling/Billing

*Proprietary and depends on partnership scope

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RMA embraces relationships that are built with the spirit of collaboration and partnership. We are committed to the success of our partners. With the support of RMA, together, we’ll leverage industry experience and business analytics to focus on optimal patient care.

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