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Our Laboratory

The heart of every IVF practice is the laboratory, and RMA’s heart is growing stronger every year.

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Our Embryology Lab

The embryology lab is the true epicenter of the IVF process. It is where eggs are frozen or inseminated and then grown to the blastocyst stage of embryo development before being biopsied, frozen, and thawed again for transfer. The technology has to be cutting-edge, the processes advanced, precise and reliable, and the embryologists well trained, skilled and meticulous.

RMA’s state-of-the-art laboratory has played a key role in our clinics achieving success rates at or above the national average and helping patients fulfill one of their most important dreams: starting a family.

Highest Standards Possible

From the materials used inside the laboratory, to the way the embryos are handled, to the timing of various highly sensitive steps, to every difficult-to-perfect variable in between, RMA has made every effort to ensure our laboratory performs to the highest standards possible.

We take your dreams seriously, and our lab has the heart to prove it.

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