RMA has just turned 20! We opened up our first clinic in Morristown, NJ, on Oct 1, 1999, with a goal that still guides our practice today: always put the patient first.

Over the years, that philosophy has enabled our growth across the state and the country, with the RMA logo displayed on nearly 20 clinics nationwide today. Plus, our longstanding commitment to innovation, research, and scientific excellence – all for the sake of improved patient outcomes – has helped us usher in a new standard of care for the industry, and a new benchmark of success for patients.

We are humbled and overjoyed that over the last 20 years, we have helped bring more than 40,000 babies to loving homes, helped cancer patients and those not ready for family preserve their fertility, and welcomed patients into our clinics no matter their gender or sexual orientation.

So what’s next? The future looks bright. We are continuing to make incredible strides in IVF safety and success, continuing to find answers to fertility’s most puzzling questions, and continuing to find inspiration in our patients, every day.

To our patients: thank you for helping us get here – we are incredibly moved by your courage, strength, and love!