Junior and Tina, a ‪‎transgender‬ couple who conceived a child with the help of Dr. Jacqueline Gutmann, was recently featured on NPR’s national radio show Here & Now with Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson.

Junior Brainard and Tina Montgomery were struggling to conceive a child. Like many couples, they were stressed out and worried about fertility. But their story is more complicated: Junior is a transgender man and Tina is a transgender woman. Both had been using hormone treatment for years, on their way to transitioning.

Mariel Carr from The Pulse (90.9 FM) at WHYY in Philadelphia reports their story.

If you prefer, you may read the entire story at Newsworks.org.

Fertility Services for the LGBT Community

RMA at Jefferson offers reproductive services to the LGBT community in a welcoming and supportive environment. We have helped many same sex and transgender individuals and couples become parents. The process begins with a physician consultation to review options so our patients can make informed decisions on how best to plan for their family.

Our services include donor sperm inseminationegg donation using both known and anonymous donors, and gestational carriers. Female same sex couples may also choose to conceive using reciprocal IVF. Reciprocal IVF is the process of using an egg from one partner, fertilizing it with donor sperm, and then transferring the embryo to the other partner who will then carry the pregnancy.

Thanks to the availability of effective fertility procedures, same sex couples and transgender individuals/couples have an excellent chance of achieving pregnancy.

In addition, sperm and egg cryopreservation are available to preserve the fertility of transgender individuals before undergoing transition.