Most RMA Lehigh Valley patients will have a basal antral follicle count (BAFC) blood test performed at their first visit and at the start of any treatment cycle. The test, which is performed by transvaginal ultrasound, can tell the physician and clinical staff a lot about the patients’ ovarian reserve and fertility potential.

The ultrasound will show how many resting follicles (antral) the patient has, which are small fluid-filled sacs that contain an immature egg.

The number of antral follicles can vary from month to month. The physician may also request day 3 bloodwork that may also provide additional information about the patients’ fertility potential. The BAFC is very important in allowing the physician to determine the type of treatment, the medications needed, and your chances for achieving pregnancy. If you have any questions about your BAFC, please speak to your nurse or physician.