RMA of Philadelphia has recently been featured on the news program American Health Front. American Health Front is a medical program dedicated to educating the public on local health care practices that specialize in cutting edge technology and procedures that are changing lives.

Dr. Jacqueline Gutmann explains the various ways assisted reproductive technology (ART) can help couples and individuals struggling with infertility build their families. The interview covers such technologies as medications to boost ovulation, intrauterine insemination (IUI), and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

RMA of Philadelphia News Broadcast

Local Fertility Clinic Featured on American Health Front News Special - RMA of Philadelphia

Video Transcript:

Female Voice-over: Deciding to add a baby to your life is a big step, for some couple it’s easy, for others not so much.

Male Host: We live in a world where couples are diverse and so are the options to make the dream of becoming parents a reality. The caring and professional team at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia proudly helps makes those dreams come true for all couples.

Patients: So we started trying to have a child in late 2013 and in early 2014 kind of realized that it wasn’t going the way that health class and health text books tell you it’s going to go.

Dr. Gutmann: Oftentimes couples are having difficulty achieving a pregnancy and so they come to see us for help to try and figure that out and obviously then to help them achieve that pregnancy. We also take care of same sex couples (both male and female same sex couples) and as you might imagine they too need help achieving a pregnancy.

Male Host: When visiting with the team at this unique practice we learned about some of the options they offer to help the dream of parenthood become a reality.

Dr. Gutmann: Once we’ve completed an evaluation we obviously need to come up with a treatment plan, so when we think about treatment options, we think about using medications to boost ovulation, oftentimes we’ll couple that with IUI or intrauterine insemination where we process the sperm and put it into the uterus. If someone has blocked fallopian tubes or they’ve otherwise not had success or if the sperm count really is not good we might recommend doing in vitro fertilization (IVF) where we take the eggs out of the body, we put the eggs and the sperm together in the laboratory, and then put back an embryo into the uterus.

Male Host: Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia maintain some of the highest in vitro fertilization success rates when compared to national averages.

Dr. Gutmann: It’s obviously hard for couples to come in for care. They’re afraid that they’re never going to be able to achieve their dream and we do absolutely everything we can to make it comfortable for them. We can’t take away all of the pain, we can’t take away all of the hurt, but we can make it a more comfortable experience.

Patients: We ended up back here at RMA and that led us to an IVF cycle this past spring and I am now 27 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

Male Host: Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia building family success through highly personalized fertility care. Let us help you create the family you dream of.