As part of its ongoing philanthropic and sustainability programs, IVIRMA has teamed up with the March of Dimes organization to launch a global initiative that benefits mothers and babies around the world.

Launching today, “Stronger Together” is a corporate-wide challenge that ‘rewards’ IVIRMA employees for their miles or kilometers of exercise, whether it be bicycling, swimming, running or walking. Staff members will use an app to clock their miles or kilometers throughout the month of October and the total will be converted into dollars to be donated to the March of Dimes.

Runners and walkers will earn $.30 per mile or kilometer, cyclists will earn $.10 per mile/km, and swimmers will earn $1.00 per mile/km. The goal is to reach $10,000 by the time the challenge ends on October 31. As a bonus incentive to participants, IVIRMA will donate an extra $1,000 to the top performer’s charity of choice.

“We have great respect for the March of Dimes and its important work, and we are always happy to partner with them,” said RMA founding partner.

“We help thousands of people fulfill their dreams of becoming parents every day, but we don’t want it to stop there,” added Marian Garriga, Global Head of Marketing & Communications for IVIRMA. “It begins at birth, but we want to support the future health of moms and babies, too. So partnering with the March of Dimes is a natural fit.”

For over 80 years, the March of Dimes has led the fight to keep mothers and babies healthy during and after pregnancy, regardless of age, socio-economic background or demographics. By advocating for policies, pioneering research, and offering comprehensive social and family support programs, the March of Dimes continues to empower families by finding solutions to the biggest health threats facing moms and babies.

Over the years, the organization has helped millions of babies survive and thrive. One of their main goals is to reduce premature births, which is the leading cause of death in newborns in the U.S. Babies who survive premature birth often have long-term health problems, including cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, chronic lung disease, blindness and hearing loss.

For more information about the March of Dimes, please click here. To find out more about the RMA Network, please click here.