Nursing Tips: Semen Analysis & Male Infertility

A male’s sperm health and quality can greatly influence his reproductive health and fertility, especially after the age of 25. A basic semen analysis is the first step in checking sperm parameters which include: semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm progressive motility, total motile sperm in the semen sample, sperm morphology, presence of white blood cells, and also the detection of anti-sperm antibodies.

If any abnormalities are present in initial analysis a repeat analysis is performed, if abnormalities are still present you should consider taking a male fertility supplement.

On average it takes 90 days for a man to produce new sperm; therefore, it is important to wait approximately three months after starting a male fertility supplement to see the effects it has on your sperm. Please feel free to consult your nurse with any additional questions or concerns regarding male fertility supplements.

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