A new reproductive technology used with single-embryo transfer (SET) is helping fertility specialists achieve more pregnancies with fewer miscarriages. Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) of Philadelphia is offering SET with comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS), especially for patients ages 35 or older, or with multiple unsuccessful in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles or miscarriages. The new test helps confirm that the embryo selected for transfer has the correct number of chromosomes and so is more likely to result in a sustained pregnancy.

Why use SET-CCS?

When clinically indicated, SET-CCS can reduce pregnancy losses since about 60% of early miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo. SET can also reduce the health risks associated with multiple pregnancies as only one embryo is replaced.

One common screening technique, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), is not accurate enough and may actually harm the embryo. FISH only looks at 11 of the 23 chromosome pairs based on removal of a single cell on the third day of development, when the embryo only has six to 10 cells.

On the other hand, CCS samples the cells on the fifth day of development, when the embryo has reached the blastocyst stage. It looks at all 23 pairs of cells. It uses rapid polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology, an exceptionally accurate method that allows a DNA analysis in hours instead of days, so the embryo can be transferred as early on as the sixth day of development. This novel screening technique is also less likely to harm the embryo.

Proven results

RMA of New Jersey, which developed CCS, recently conducted a study comparing 140 CCS-SET patients with a control group of 182 SET patients. Although the CCS-SET group was generally older, with more prior miscarriages and unsuccessful IVF cycles, after screening and embryo transfer they had a higher ongoing pregnancy rate (OPR)—55 percent—compared to 41.8 percent for the control group. CCS also resulted in a lower (10.5 percent) miscarriage rate than SET alone (24.8 percent). CCS is now available within the RMA Network.

“SETTING” the standard for innovation

RMA of Philadelphia is pleased to offer CCS with SET. It’s just another way that RMA is on the forefront of the most important advances in assisted reproductive technology. To find out whether CCS-SET might be the right choice for you, call our main office at 215-938-1515 or contact your RMA of Philadelphia physician.