Frequently Asked Questions about being a patient at RMANJ

Why have the physicians and staff of IVF New Jersey joined RMANJ?

With the addition of the IVF New Jersey physicians and staff our organization can be more responsive to the needs and hopes of patients from New Jersey and around the world.

This opportunity provides patients many advantages including some of the highest delivery rates in the US, more choices of providers, locations, appointment hours, and the widest scope of cutting edge fertility treatment options available anywhere. We are very proud and excited to have the physicians and staff from IVF New Jersey join the RMANJ team.

How does this affect my upcoming cycle?

On or about April 7th, 2015 all egg retrievals and embryo transfers will take place at RMANJ’s Basking Ridge, NJ location. Patients currently in-cycle should speak with their former IVFNJ care team about the best management strategy during the transition. Patients about to start a cycle may be delayed 30-60 days due to laboratory and insurance issues.

Will I have a new doctor or nurse?

Patients will absolutely remain with their physicians. New patients will now have a choice of 21 physicians to choose from for care.

Our nursing team will be appropriately staffed to meet the needs of our patients in cycle today and those expecting to cycle in the near future. If you are a current IVFNJ patient you can expect to see familiar faces in the future as most of the staff of IVFNJ will be joining the RMANJ team.

Where should I go to for morning monitoring?

For patients in cycle, they should continue to visit the office that is most convenient for them which includes RMANJ and former IVFNJ offices. Former IVFNJ offices will now be open at 6:00AM for cycle monitoring M-F starting April 7th, 2015.

Cycle monitoring requires no appointment and is performed on a first come first serve basis from 6:00AM-7:30AM M-F. Weekend monitoring is only provided at our Basking Ridge and Eatontown offices. Visit for hours and locations.

Will the costs associated with my treatment change?

We do not anticipate any significant changes in fees or costs associated with fertility treatments related to the transition of care from IVF New Jersey to Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey.

Who should I speak to about billing questions?

If you are a former IVF New Jersey patient with questions regarding billing for services prior to April 7, 2015 please 732-545-0355 ext 696.

Where will my egg retrieval and embryo transfer take place?

Starting April 6, 2015 all egg retrievals and embryo transfers will take place at RMANJ’s Basking Ridge, NJ location. Your care team will provide specific instructions on where to report for your procedure during this transition.

How do I transfer my cryopreserved embryo(s), sperm or egg(s) from IVF New Jersey?

To notify IVF New Jersey that you would like to transfer your cryopreserved specimen to RMANJ, long term storage, or discard please email [email protected].

How does this affect my insurance?

Patients should not experience any disruption in coverage. RMANJ will continue to offer the widest scope of insurance carriers including Horizon BCBS, UHC/Oxford, CIGNA/Amerihealth, and Aetna. RMANJ financial coordinators will be available to answer specific benefit questions.

Have a question not addressed here?

Your patient care team will provide updates during the transition.  We also welcome your questions at any time at 973-656-2089.

Visit us at to learn more.

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