Happy baby, anyone?

If you’re like many women thinking about trying to conceive, or already trying, you’re probably wondering what exercises you can do that will get you in the best shape for conception and pregnancy. And if you enjoy yoga, you might be asking what poses might help boost your fertility.

Well, we got you covered yogi! While there is a lack of definitive research on whether yoga improves pregnancy rates, we know that exercise is important for overall health during conception, and yoga is both a fantastic form of exercise and relaxation that can help get your body and mind in sync. Yoga can reduce stress, increase blood circulation and improve hormonal balance.

So let’s get bendy!

5 Great Fertility Yoga Poses

Goddess Pose - Foundations of Yoga

Goddess pose

This gorgeous pose can help stimulate a woman’s reproductive areas by increasing blood and energy flow to the pelvis and hips.

Downward Dog - Downward Facing Dog Yoga Tutorial


This classic yoga pose can help regulate the hormonal system and promote relaxation. Plus, it just feels good!

How to Practice Warrior II Pose - LEARNING YOGA

Warrior II

This sometimes challenging-to-hold pose helps strengthen your hips and give a sense of grounding in times of uncertainty.

Bridge Pose - Yoga With Adriene

Bridge pose

This pose is a powerful pose for blood flow circulation that can reduce stress, promote calm and stimulate the reproductive area. It can also be an emotional pose that allows you to let out what you’ve been holding in.

Cobra Pose - Yoga With Adriene

Cobra pose

This pose helps with blood flow and ‘opening up’ of the body, as well as with stimulating the reproductive system.

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