Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California prides itself on offering the highest level of infertility care to patients, and that begins with our physicians.

Founding physicians Dr. Scott Morin and Dr. Jonathan Kort bring a wealth of experience in women’s health and reproductive endocrinology to Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California, including an investment in research and innovation, a focus on patient experience and a commitment to solving the most challenging infertility cases.

Both sons of doctors who practiced women’s health – Dr. Morin’s father was an OBGYN and Dr. Kort’s father was an infertility doctor – the pair saw early on in their lives how important family-building was to them, and decided to pursue reproductive endocrinology to help others with their dreams of starting a family.

“Families come in all shapes and sizes,” said Dr. Morin, “and it’s my passion to help as many families as I can.”

Dr. Morin grew up in Visalia, California, becoming interested in women’s health and babies through his father, a well-known and respected OBGYN in the area who delivered hundreds of babies each year. When a young Dr. Morin would go out with his father, the pair would be stopped by new parents thanking Dr. Morin’s father for helping deliver their child.

Dr. Morin, too, wanted to make that type of impact, and attended the University of California for medical school. He went on to complete his OBGYN residency training at New York University’s Langone Medical Center in New York City, and completed his fellowship at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ), where he took part in pioneering IVF research, including on identifying the optimal oxygen levels inside embryo growth culture.

“In the field of infertility, research is innovation,” Dr. Morin said. “And Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California is committed to pushing the field forward for our patients so we can pick the healthiest embryos, implant them at the right time and increase our chances of success.”

Dr. Kort was also heavily influenced by his father, who was an infertility doctor. When Dr. Kort’s family moved from South Africa to Atlanta, Georgia, when was a boy, a young Dr. Kort would accompany his father to some of this procedures, including egg retrievals. The science fascinated him, and Dr. Kort decided to enter the field of reproductive endocrinology. He went to Georgetown University in Washington for medical school and completed his residency in OBGYN and his fellowship at Stanford University outside of San Francisco.

“I’ve known since I was growing up that I wanted to be an infertility doctor,” Dr. Kort said. “There is no more important aspect of life other than having a family.”

“For me, I know that the patients who come through our doors have already been through so much just to get here, so we are focused on making the process as easy as possible.”

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