In addition to a dedicated doctor, nurse and financial coordinator, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ) patients now also have a concierge service for prescription medications during their time in care.

The concierge, part of RMANJ’s new TeamRx group, will act as the patient’s personal liaison for all things medication-related to help take unnecessary stress off the patient.

“TeamRx will serve as a liaison between RMANJ and the patient’s specialty pharmacy, and keep patients informed throughout the process of obtaining their specialty medications,” said Jessica Medvedich, RMANJ’s Director of Nursing.

“The only patient responsibilities should be arranging payment and scheduling a medication pick-up or home delivery date.”

Historically, RMANJ only verified a patient’s medical benefits, relying on a network of local pharmacies to help determine where a patient needed to fill their prescriptions. In some cases, RMANJ nurses had to transfer prescriptions multiple times before learning the prescription required prior authorization from the insurance company, which led to delays in patients receiving necessary medications, most often in the form of injectable follicle-stimulating hormones.

“Now that we have a reliable partner who helps us verify pharmacy benefits, we can obtain the proper authorizations in advance, allowing the prescriptions to be processed and shipped to the patient in less time,” Medvedich said.

TeamRx is comprised of dedicated staff who are well-versed in the process of filling prescriptions.

“In addition,” Medvedich said, “having a dedicated team allows for consistency – we are able to follow a patient’s progress from start to finish.”

TeamRx – just another way RMANJ is transforming fertility care and putting patients first.