At RMA we remain dedicated to providing the reproductive care our patients desperately need even during this crisis. Infertility is a disease that cannot be ignored. We are starting to see signs that social distancing, increased handwashing, and wearing masks are working to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We are optimistic that enhanced safety measures will continue to turn the tide against COVID-19 and we will continue to take all appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.

As an update to how we are doing our part to limit the spread of Coronavirus, please know that we are actively monitoring patients and staff for COVID-19 exposures and symptoms. If an RMA employee tests positive for Coronavirus, we will notify any patients who may have had a direct encounter with an asymptomatic individual. Given we are using appropriate personal protective equipment, we believe and there is minimal risk of exposure to patients. It is important to understand that there are many individuals who are asymptomatic carriers of Coronavirus (as high as 50% of those infected in some studies). Nevertheless, it is almost certain that we will have patients and employees test positive in the coming weeks and months. It is essential that we all follow universal precautions as anyone can be a carrier and we will be at risk no matter where we are – at work, in the grocery store or even at home.

While you are in the office please continue to practice social distancing and wear a mask when interacting with staff or other patients. We will get through this challenging time together and it will make us all stronger in the end.

We are here for our patients: RMANJ clinics will remain open

  • We are now offering telehealth appointments for new patients
  • To respect the safety of all our patients and staff, RMA is asking everyone to follow the CDC recommendation of wearing cloth face coverings when coming in for your appointments. Learn how to make a mask at home.
  • Patients must come alone to morning monitoring, as well as egg retrieval and transfer
  • Patients will be given pregnancy scan results on USBs for sharing with loved ones
  • We have extended morning monitoring hours to allow for social distancing
  • We are taking extra cleaning precautions in-between patients
  • We are screening patients for Covid-19 before entry to RMA
  • To ensure our clinics operate at the highest safety standards, including practicing social distancing at morning monitoring, we have consolidated some of our offices for the benefit of patients.
  • Patients who are sick should not come into the clinic and contact their nurse for next steps.