RMA Philadelphia – COVID-19 Updates

Updated on: 3/26/20 at 4:03pm

RMA Philadelphia is shifting some of its services, including egg retrieval and embryo transfer, to RMA New Jersey

  • Philadelphia patients currently in cycle will continue to receive care, including monitoring morning, at RMA Philadelphia. Existing patients with questions are encouraged to call the office.
  • New Philadelphia patients desiring an initial consultation can have their first appointment done through telehealth with RMA Philadelphia. Interested patients are asked to call 215-654-1544 to schedule their virtual appointments.
  • Patients coming into RMA Philadelphia clinics should know we have undertaken heightened cleaning and screening measures to limit risk inside our clinics. They include:
    • Practicing social distancing in waiting areas
    • Allowing only patients, not spouses or others, to come in for appointments, morning monitoring, as well as egg retrieval and transfer
    • Screening patients for Covid-19 prior to entry
  • Please call the office if you have a cold, cough, and/or fever before coming in.
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