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AMH Blood Test Levels – Understanding AMH Fertility Test Results
Before we talk about what AMH is, I think it is important for women to understand the basics of female fertility. Women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have in their life (approximately 1-2 million at birth). Throughout their lifespan, starting at the first menstrual cycle, the body recruits a group of follicles (each with a small immature egg inside) that have the potential to respond to hormones, grow and ovulate. Usually, a woman will ovulate one egg per month. The eggs that do not get selected to ovulate will dissolve and the process repeats itself if a
How the body chooses an egg to ovulate or release is very complicated and we are just starting to understand how this process works. One in eight couples struggle with infertility for a number of different reasons – this is unique to humans and not found in any other mammal species! For animals, it is much more predictable and consistent. However, for humans this process is much more delicate and inefficient. Generally women are born with thousands of eggs. When puberty starts, the body recruits a group of eggs that could grow but usually only one is selected to be

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