basking ridge new jersey fertility clinic
IVIRMA Research Director Dr. Emre Seli Begins Seeing Patients at RMA New Jersey

Dr. Emre Seli, a vital part of the RMA family for years, is expanding his role here beyond research and into care, joining RMA New Jersey as a practicing physician this month. Dr. Seli will be seeing patients Thursdays in Basking Ridge. “RMA is second to none in patient care for infertility,” Dr. Seli said,… View Article

How To Find The Best Fertility Practice in Los Angeles

Infertility is more common than you think. One in eight couples (that’s seven million men and women!) face infertility annually. Although advancements in technology have made infertility treatment more available and cost-effective, not all practices provide equal results. And since time matters for those seeking infertility care, finding the right practice with the right doctor… View Article

fertility testing in los angeles
Female Fertility Testing in Los Angeles – Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re trying to get pregnant, or are having trouble staying pregnant, fertility testing can be overwhelming to think about. FSH, AMH, LH – there are so many acronyms to infertility. What does it all mean? Dr. Thomas Kim from Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California, here in our Los Angeles office, shares some insight about what… View Article

fertility app
Why Fertility Apps Can’t Replace A Fertility Doctor

Whether it’s groceries, clothes shopping, food delivery or banking, there’s an app for just about everything these days. All in the name of convenience, accessibility, and instant gratification, startups are ‘disrupting’ industries and making even the most complex tasks possible through digital channels. The field of infertility is no exception – you can now buy… View Article

Fertility Preservation – It’s Time to Talk about It!

Here in Los Angeles, many women are choosing to pursue their education and career before starting a family. And with egg freezing, women no longer need to choose between one world and the other – we can have it all! In a recent survey of over 1,000 people conducted by RMA of Southern California, nearly 50 per cent… View Article


When it comes to egg freezing in Los Angeles, RMA of Southern California’s Dr. Thomas Kim is an expert. Not only does he have over 20 years of experience on the subject, but he also took part in conducting some of the first-ever research on cryopreservation used in egg freezing. In one of his research… View Article

Egg Freezing in Los Angeles, California

Amy is a 31-year-old financial advisor working in downtown Los Angeles and living in Atwater Village. Her career is finally taking off, and she doesn’t have much time to date. But while she’s not trying to get pregnant right now, she is trying to preserve her fertility – through egg freezing. Many women in Los… View Article

rma palo alto fertility clinic
RMA of Northern California Opens Satellite Office in Palo Alto

Hope has a new home in Palo Alto! In addition to our brand new clinic in downtown San Francisco, which opened just last month, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California (RMANorCal) has just opened a satellite location in Palo Alto, California. RMA of Northern California fertility specialists Dr. Jonathan Kort and Dr. Scott Morin will… View Article

tilted uterus infertility
Is It Harder To Conceive If You Have A Tilted Uterus?

As if trying to get pregnant wasn’t difficult enough, having a tilted uterus can make the act of conceiving seem even more daunting. But is it harder to conceive if you have a tilted uterus, or is this one thing you shouldn’t stress about while trying to get pregnant? I mean, if things like lube… View Article

fertility clinic transitioning to obgyn
Goodbye Infertility Team, Hello Obstetrician

Transitioning from your infertility team to your Obstetrician/Gynecologist is not always an easy step to make. You may have gotten used to your weekly visits with your Reproductive Endocrinologist and speaking to your Nurse regularly. The consistent connection with your infertility team has been reassuring to you and you might have even begun to enjoy… View Article

rma san francisco and palo alto fertility doctors
Fertility Care You Deserve in San Francisco

When Dr. Scott Morin and his longtime friend and colleague Dr. Jonathan Kort first contemplated the idea of building a new fertility clinic in San Francisco, they were driven by one thing: giving patients in the Bay Area access to world-class fertility care. The thought of opening a new clinic in one of the most… View Article

Family Planning Options
Family Planning Options for LGBT Couples

For some in the LGBT community, determining how they can start or even grow their families with the help of fertility experts is a process sometimes fraught with obstacles. I’m happy to say that in my nearly 30 years as a fertility doctor, third-party reproductive options have come a long way. And my colleagues and… View Article

Is It Time to See a Fertility Specialist?

How long should you try to get pregnant before speaking with a fertility specialist? Typically, women under age 35 should attempt pregnancy for about 1 year prior to scheduling an appointment with an infertility specialist. Women older than 35 should be evaluated after attempting pregnancy for 6 months without success. This is because a woman’s… View Article

What Is PCOS And How Does It Affect Fertility?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition that affects about 10 percent of women in their reproductive years. In this Q+A, RMA of Southern California’s Dr. Thomas Kim breaks down everything you need to know about PCOS.   WHAT IS PCOS?   Dr. Kim: PCOS is the most common hormonal abnormality in women of… View Article

lgbt ivf in los angeles california
LGBTQ Family Building Options in Los Angeles, California

According to new research, a growing number of LGBTQ people are interested in building their families, and many of those that do will turn to assisted reproduction to help them. At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California, a leading fertility clinic located in Los Angeles, we help members of the LGBTQ community take control of… View Article

Are you looking for a Korean fertility doctor in Los Angeles? Meet Dr. Kim

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California’s Dr. Thomas Kim has been a leader in the Korean medical community in Los Angeles for over a decade. Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Kim immigrated to the United States to pursue medicine and is now a very well-known reproductive endocrinologist in the country. Dr. Kim… View Article

Does Your Insurance Provider Offer Infertility Coverage?

Seeking infertility treatment in Los Angeles can be a stressful experience. Because the California infertility mandate is minimal, many insurance providers don’t cover infertility coverage. The only requirement in the mandate is that health insurance providers must offer at least one policy that includes infertility coverage, and make that plan available to everyone without discrimination…. View Article

female biological clock
Four Things every Woman Should Know about Fertility and Her Biological Clock

Today, many couples do not address the subject of parenthood until much later in their lives. Schooling and career paths seem to take priority for many 20-30-year-old men and women, but the reality is that female fertility begins to decrease at age 30 and for some even sooner. Thankfully, advancements in reproductive technology are encouraging… View Article

rma philadlephia new doctor jeffry thorne, md
Dr. Jeffrey Thorne Joins RMA Philadelphia

Dr. Jeffrey Thorne, who recently completed his Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI) fellowship at The University of Connecticut School of Medicine, has joined RMA Philadelphia, seeing patients in Willow Grove, PA. Dr. Thorne’s clinical and research background has led to his authoring and co-authoring many published studies and lecturing on such topics as fertility, endometriosis,… View Article

ivf clinical research trial fast track

Results of “fast track” clinical trial yield more live births and faster pregnancies. Researchers in New England published results of a major clinical trial that compared an accelerated treatment strategy for couples with unexplained infertility compared to a conventional approach using injectable gonadotropins. Results of the fast track and standard treatment trial (FASTT) indicate that… View Article

rma new jersey fellowship fertility doctors
RMA Welcomes Two New Fellows to Basking Ridge

If you think you’ve seen two new faces at RMA’s Basking Ridge, New Jersey clinic recently, it’s because you have. Dr. Nola Herlihy and Dr. Amber Klimczak joined RMA as first-year fellows in July, beginning a three-year program that will prepare them for successful careers as specialists in reproductive medicine. Dr. Herlihy, who completed her… View Article

RMA Philadelphia and Jefferson Health Announce Expansion of Professional Services Relationship

Leading Infertility Practice to Serve as Clinical Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility for Top-Ranked Health System PHILADELPHIA (August 21, 2019) – Hopeful parents in the greater Philadelphia region will now benefit from a new, expanded relationship between infertility leader RMA Philadelphia and nationally renowned Jefferson Health. The arrangement builds upon a pre-existing clinical relationship… View Article

egg freezing event marlton new jersey 2019
RMANJ Marlton Hosts Q&A about Egg Freezing

If you’ve ever been curious about egg freezing, now is your chance to attend a free event in Marlton, NJ, to find out more. Hosted by RMA New Jersey’s Marlton team of specialists, our egg freezing  Q&A event, will take place on Thursday, August 22nd at Redstone American Grill, at the Promenade in Marlton, from… View Article

2019 transhealth conference
Dr. Jackie Gutmann Presents at Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference

RMA Philadelphia was a proud sponsor of the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on July 25 – 27. The conference consisted of three days of workshops and activities focused on the health and well-being of trans, gender variant and gender non-conforming (T/GV/ GNC) people and their communities. Among the allies… View Article

frequently asked questions
RMA Launches New Logo, Website

Reproductive Medicine Associates – comprised of fertility clinics in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and California – has re-introduced itself as the RMA Network, unveiled a new logo and launched a new website,, to reflect the national scope of the provider and simplify the patient journey. The changes will enhance the experience of current and future… View Article

fertility support group online webinar
The Doctor Is In: Webinar Support

As a dual certified practitioner in clinical psychology and infertility, Dr. Maria Costantini-Ferrando is uniquely qualified to provide both emotional support and expert fertility care. Join Dr. Costantini as she explores the many emotions of infertility. This online support meet-up is a safe space to ask questions, learn coping skills and connect and share with others. The… View Article

With TeamRx, Medication Process No Longer a Hard Pill to Swallow

In addition to a dedicated doctor, nurse and financial coordinator, Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMANJ) patients now also have a concierge service for prescription medications during their time in care. The concierge, part of RMANJ’s new TeamRx group, will act as the patient’s personal liaison for all things medication-related to help take unnecessary… View Article

RMA’s Fertility Services for Orthodox Jewish Patients

Family-building is a universal desire no matter the religion, ethnicity or gender of the intended parents. It’s not uncommon, however, for some communities to have a harder time building their families than others. One example are Orthodox Jewish patients, who often have trouble conceiving because of religious customs. Of course, non-Orthodox Jewish couples can also… View Article

RMA Celebrates LGBTQ Community at Philadelphia Pride Parade

A rainbow of love flooded the streets of Philadelphia on June 9th for the largest-ever Philly Pride Parade, where advocates, supporters and partners to the LGBTQ+ community – including RMA of Philadelphia (RMAPHL) – showed an unwavering commitment to the rights of all people, regardless of how they identify or who they love. Dr. Jackie… View Article

RMA of Philadelphia and RMA of Pennsylvania Attend Jefferson Infertility Conference

RMA of Philadelphia and sister practice RMA of Pennsylvania joined dozens of regional infertility leaders in Philadelphia’s most historic neighborhood late last month for the 6th annual Jefferson Infertility Counseling Conference. RMA had a big presence at the conference, which explores the psychological, legal and ethical issues surrounding fertility care. Members of the RMA team handed… View Article

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